Autumn Already?

By Roger Erpelding
Contributing Writer

The calendar says it is May 22. However, I have already received three catalogs with fall merchandise and delivery dates.

My first catalog arrived in April. My ordering from it was limited. The second to arrive was an iris catalog. Beth and I picked out three selections from it. We are aiming for height, fragrance and color. Our choices were one blue, one white, and one gold. I have submitted the order, and the labels are Brailled. An August 27 ship date is expected, which means delivery in early September–a fine time for planting iris. 

The third catalog is large, and contains over 50 pages of tulips, plus other spring bulbs for fall delivery and planting. So far, I am a little disappointed in the hyacinth selection, but with at least six catalogs still to come, I am far from worried. In previous years I have told Beth “I’m not going to force so many bulbs next year.” I did not make that promise this winter or spring.  In the current catalog I am reading, I have found the paper-white narcissus Beth enjoys, along with the Dutch Master daffodils which should bloom indoors by Beth’s birthday. Also in this catalog, Beth has found some blue allium I will order for her. I will not force them. Three cultivars of hyacinths are also on the order list.

The main emphasis in the garden over the past two weeks is water, water, water. Beth watered a variety of flowers last night and this morning, and I will water any potted plants she did not get to after work. This effort will continue until we are blessed with rainfall again.


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