Talking food thermometer is a helpful tool

By Cynthia Qloud
Contributing Writer

For a long time now I have been looking for a talking cooking thermometer that is reliable and that would have a temperature range that would exceed 300 degrees.  The reason for that is that I like to make candy, and when you make brittles you need it to measure the temperature at 303 degrees, hard cracked stage. 

I bought this thermometer that I saw on Blind Mice Mart on the web, and they said that its temperature range was from -58 degrees to something like 557 degrees.  Wow! I thought. Finally a thermometer that I can use for candy making at a reasonable price: $33. 

Well, I bought one, and I tried it when I was making fudge, and wanted to know when the temperature reached 234 degrees.  I placed the probe in the pan being careful not to touch the bottom of the pan, because I would receive an incorrect reading, and guess what I got no reading at all.  The cute little voice said above range. 

So I had to go back to the old stand-by, and do cold water testing.  That is I drop a spoonful of the hot liquid into a small soup bowl with cold water, and check to see if the candy forms a soft ball that collapses when you remove it from the water.  If so then you are at soft ball stage.  I usually cook my fudge just a bit longer than that, because I like mine a little more firm.  This worked when the thermometer did not. 

What I do like about the thermometer is that it comes with a probe cover, the voice is pretty loud, and it has a hanging loop.  I have used it pretty frequently for testing the doneness of meat, and it seemed to work pretty well for that purpose, as well. It is pretty accurate, and very helpful especially with items like turkey.

Another thing I like about it is you can use triple-A batteries that you can buy just anywhere, and they are easy to change.  You don’t have to find a screw driver to take off the back or stuff like that.


One response to “Talking food thermometer is a helpful tool

  1. Thank you for your write up. I would have spent the money on the thermometer and had the same problem if I had not found your post. It sounds like you have been making candy for a while. Thank you again, and may God bless you and yours.

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